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Principal's Message


Our Mission

Waterford Township’s Early Childhood - Early Education program is designed to create an equitable, accessible, student-centered program that celebrates each child’s uniqueness. We believe collaboration between home, school, and community is imperative in order to fully achieve positive relationships and outcomes on behalf of our youngest learners. Through a vertically-aligned, developmentally-appropriate curriculum, we are committed to encouraging play-based practices that offer choice and inquiry, while remaining rigorous and challenging. We further believe it is critical to draw upon all stakeholders, to provide cohesive supports that advocate for, and nurture the whole child, while creating access and opportunities for every student to grow and reach his or her full potential. 

Welcome to Thomas Richards Early Childhood Center

Dear TR Families:

It is an honor and a privilege to welcome you to Thomas Richards Early Childhood Center! As the principal of TR, I can assure you that each and every day that your children come to our school, they will be loved, their needs will be met, and they will have trusted adults to build positive and healthy relationships with.

The staff at TR are dedicated and committed to providing your children with the best opportunities for them to grow. Our curriculum and instructional programs are designed to engage your children in higher order thinking through play-based strategies, small group instruction, and individualized assessment tools.

Our teachers believe in building strong relationships with parents, and you will find that our staff is responsive to the needs of not only our children, but our families too. We recognize the importance that home and school relationships have on the overall success of a child. Therefore, it is a priority for us to have honest and strong relationships with all of you.

I hope that your experience at Thomas Richards Early Childhood Center is positive and rewarding. We look forward to welcoming your child into our school, and we hope that you will be an active participant in your child’s education and development. Have a wonderful year, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.


Patrick Davidson, Principal